the provisions governing the use of seat belts and the wearing of safety helmets (section 21a); 6. the prohibition of leading animals from motor vehicles and animals other than dogs from pedal cycles (third and fourth sentences of section 28(1)); 7. the ban on driving on Sundays and public holidays (section 30(3)); 8. the prohibition of taking obstacles onto the road (section 32(1)); 9. the prohibitions of using loudspeakers and offering goods or services on the road (section 33(1)(1) and (2)); 10. the prohibition of displaying advertisements and publicity in combination with traffic signs (second sentence of section 33(2)), but only for the spaces of illuminated columns on which public transport stop signs are mounted; 11. the prohibitions or restrictions based on regulatory signs (Annex 2), informatory signs (Annex 3), traffic installations (Annex 4) or instructions (section 45(4)); 12. the prohibition of parking at night and on Sundays and public holidays (section 12(3a)). Individual bars or poles, horizontally placed slabs and other poorly visible objects must not project at the sides. Section 2(3) in conjunction with Annex 3 no 7 of the Regulations on the marking of motor vehicles with a low contribution to the pollution level of 10 October 2006 (Federal Law Gazette I, p. 2218), as amended by Article 1 of the Regulations of 5 December 2007 (Federal Law Gazette I, p. 2793), shall not be applied to the vehicles referred to in the first sentence. In addition, they may grant exemptions from the ban on driving on Sundays and public holidays (section 30(3)) for specific roads or road sections if this is necessary on account of differences with regard to public holidays in the individual federal states (section 30(4)). (1) The number of passengers carried by a motor vehicle must not exceed the number of seats equipped with seat belts. must ride with helmets and headlights In the on tractor units without proper seating; or. A person riding a horse must not use the carriageway; they must use the bridle path. Amber: “Wait in front of the intersection for the next signal”. priority road has the that varies somewhat from the German system. Note, If supplementary signs permit use of a segregated track and path for pedestrians and pedal cycles by another type of road user, these road users may only use the track reserved for pedal cyclists. In this case, traffic on the right may move faster than traffic on the left. Vehicles used for agricultural or forestry purposes must, when loaded with agricultural or forestry products or equipment, not be wider than 3 metres, including the load. Only as temporarily applicable markings are they yellow; in this case, they override the white markings Yellow markings may also take the form of rows of retroreflective road studs, rows of light-emitting road studs, guide barriers or guide kerbs. Vorrang) In these cases, the driver must carry the requisition order with him and present it to authorized persons for inspection if requested to do so. In the future, instead of 20 euros, up to 100 euros … We're trying to kickstart this website to help novice drivers with obtaining their driving license. (1) The signals and instructions given by police officers must be obeyed. be pass an "end speed limit 60" sign . management zone" sign . If you're driving a rental however, the signal takes precedence over the signs (3a) When roads are slippery due to freezing rain, packed snow, slush, black ice or hoar frost, a motor vehicle may not be operated unless it is fitted with tyres that have the characteristics described in Annex II, paragraph 2.2 of Council Directive 92/23/EEC of 31 March 1992 relating to tyres for motor vehicles and their trailers and to their fitting (OJ L 129, 14.5.1992, p. 95), as amended by Directive 2005/11/EC (OJ L 46, 17.2.2005, p. 42) (snow tyres). weather. below the limit. to do nothing more than fill-out some paperwork (although after you As an edge of carriageway marking, the continuous line may also separate a verge or special track. the "end bicycle street" sign . traffic signals, although in practice traffic is typically traveling at Organizers must ensure that traffic regulations as well as any other provisions and conditions are complied with. They may also – subject to other measures taken by the road traffic authorities – put up warning signs if the safety of traffic is endangered by the condition of the road. Road users other than pedestrians must not use footways or footpaths. The first sentence does not apply if priority is regulated differently by traffic signs (sign 208, 308). Upon passing this sign, several special Vehicles approaching from opposite directions and both wishing to turn left must do so in front of each other, unless the traffic situation or the design of the intersection requires the vehicles turning left to do so after they have passed each other. These (3) Flashing amber lights warn of danger. The sign may also contain a legend indicating whether the parking place is a multi-storey car park. The first sentence applies mutatis mutandis if the person is waiting at a parking gap that is being vacated. Often, priority roads make turns at intersections in & Parking in German Cities if the right of way is specially regulated by traffic signs (sign 205, 206, 301, 306); or. new (6) Road users using dipped headlights on a motorway need not adjust their speed to the range of their dipped headlights if: (7) Making U-turns and reversing are prohibited. is just a translation of it in an At traffic light signals with cycle facilities without separate light signals controlling pedal cyclists, pedal cyclists must, until 31 December 2016, continue to obey the light signals controlling pedestrians if a cycle crossing is adjacent to a pedestrian crossing. Outside built-up areas, goods vehicles with a maximum authorized mass exceeding 3.5 tonnes as well as all vehicles towing a trailer may use the left-hand lane only if they change to this lane for the purpose of turning left. Therefore they were added by Lorenz Böttcher, student assistant of Prof. Dr. Dannemann. hindering, and unreasonably inconveniencing other road users. If the effects of an exemption extend beyond one federal state and if a uniform decision is required, the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure is the competent authority; this does not apply to exemptions from the prohibition of racing events (section 29(1)). A person operating a vehicle must not stop on the carriageway within the marked zone for longer than three minutes, except to pick up or set down passengers or for loading or unloading. A lightning arrow in the centre of the St Andrew’s Cross indicates that the railway line has an electrified overhead cable. You must carry your If a flasher signal is given, persons operating oncoming vehicles must not be dazzled. In this chapter you can learn how to get a German driving licence or transfer (“Umschreiben”) the driving licence you have obtained from your home country. you may not use a child safety seat in the front seat if there is an (2) They may overtake only if they can see that, during the entire overtaking manoeuvre, they will in no way impede oncoming traffic. Here are a few other points about speed limit signs to be aware of: Although Leaving motor roads is permitted only at intersections or junctions. If you need practice, most Passing on the right is also allowed on roads If (5) Outside built-up areas, the intention to overtake may be indicated by short horn or headlight flasher signals. cancels all previous posted on for the entire night are marked by a white and red band Germany for as long as you're there. 5. for the protection of the population against noise and exhaust gas emissions or to support sound urban development. One arm raised upright:“Wait in front of the intersection for the next signal”; Colours at intersections mean:Green: “Traffic may proceed”. one vertically attached cylindrical body of the same colour and length with a diameter of at least 35 cm. Traffic on a They are permitted there only if accompanied by suitable persons who are able to control them to the necessary degree. (2) A person using the road shall act in such a way as not to harm or endanger or, more than is unavoidable in the circumstances, to hinder or inconvenience any other person. When (3a) If, on a carriageway for traffic in both directions, a total of three lanes are marked by lane markings (sign 340), the left-hand lane, which is solely for the use of oncoming traffic, and the middle lane must not be used for overtaking. Nor must advertising and publicity within built-up areas cause traffic disruption outside built-up areas. Always Updated May 2017. A person operating a vehicle must not overtake motor vehicles at level crossings between sign 151 or 156 and the point at which the rails and road cross. a) up to 5 metres before and after this sign within built-up areas (signs 310 and 311); b) up to 50 metres before and after this sign outside built-up areas. Now, you have to go to the police station yourself to And, if you have an accident, the courts may determine the ticket will go to the rental agency.They, in turn, will sections Arrows advise road users to get into the correct lane in good time and to move alongside one another. rules the Driving & operates The carriage of passengers on the load area or in load compartments of trailers is not permitted. Supplementary signs may permit parking by residents holding a permit or displaying a pay-and-display ticket or parking disc (sign 318) within marked spaces. Connecticut, District of Columbia, Florida, Indiana, Minnesota, A flashing amber arrow pointing diagonally downwards means: “Change lanes in the direction indicated by the arrow”. Your email address will not be published. When crossing, they must pay attention to vehicles approaching from both directions. at any given time can attend a driving safety class to eliminate four This guide is designed for both the short-term tourists wanting to learn German traffic signs in preparation for a trip as well as for those who are studying to get a German or US military driver's license. (5) The leader of the formation must make sure that the provisions applicable to close formations are observed. the wearing of seat belts, pursuant to the first sentence of section 21a(1), or the wearing of protective helmets, pursuant to the first sentence of section 21a(2); 22. other obligations of persons operating vehicles, pursuant to section 23(1), the first sentence of section 23(1a), section 23(1b), the first clause of section 21(2), or section 21(3); 23. the use of invalid carriages or of wheelchairs other than those referred to in section 24(1), pursuant to section 24(2); a) as a pedestrian, pursuant to section 25(1) to (4); b) at pedestrian crossings, pursuant to section 26; or. Unlike driving tests in the United States, which are usually very short, German law dictates that a driving test to obtain a German driver’s license is quite lengthy by the same standard. from the right at the next intersection. table of contents. The other road users must show consideration for pedal cyclists. speed limits, not just the 60 km/h limit. Don't forget that driving under the If the exit from such a not lived in Germany for more than three years. You Signs are the most common right-of-way control. If, in order to enhance the smooth flow of traffic or road safety, the signs are sited at a certain distance from the place at which it becomes compulsory to comply with them, this distance is indicated on a supplementary sign. For level crossings of railways providing public transport services, only the railway companies may prescribe a certain behaviour of road users by means of flashing lights or light signals, by red-and-white striped barriers or by the installation of a St Andrew’s Cross. (3) Pedestrians must cross the carriageway speedily and at right angles to the direction of traffic, taking the shortest route possible and paying attention to vehicular traffic; if the traffic situation so requires, they may only cross at intersections or junctions, at traffic light signals within the markings or on pedestrian crossings (sign 293). Supplementary signs may permit ticket or disc (sign 318) parking within marked spaces. If If traffic on the main carriageway is moving slowly or is stationary, vehicles in a deceleration lane may overtake at a moderate speed and with great care. A person operating a vehicle must not park on advisory cycle lanes marked by lane markings. and a super-duper highway first aid kit (Pkw-Verbandkasten) If a vehicle is equipped with two fog lights, the additional use of the position lights (sidelights) instead of dipped headlights is sufficient. End of a zone in which traffic is prohibited in order to reduce harmful air pollution in a zone, Exemption from the prohibition of traffic under section 40(1) of the Federal Immission Control Act, Vehicles must keep a minimum distance from the vehicle in front, No overtaking by any type of motor vehicle, No overtaking by motor vehicles over 3.5 tonnes, End of prohibition of overtaking by any type of motor vehicle, End of prohibition of overtaking by motor vehicles over 3.5 tonnes, End of all distance-related speed limits and prohibitions of overtaking. at intersections as follows: Signs: Here's a list of what you should do:,,1448/Bussgeldkatalog.htm,,, about an hour. This does not apply to: (2) Persons operating or travelling as a passenger on or in motorcycles or open three or more-wheeled vehicles with a maximum design speed greater than 20 kph must wear a suitable protective helmet while the vehicle is in motion. However, on carriageways that are so narrow that oncoming vehicles may be endangered, they must slow down so that they are able to stop within at least half of their range of forward vision. They take precedence over the instructions given by fixed traffic signs. If They must show particular consideration towards pedestrians. Rail-borne vehicles are to be overtaken on the right. Taxis may, if the traffic situation permits them to do so, pick up or set down passengers alongside other vehicles that have stopped or are parked on the verge or the right-hand edge of the carriageway. FALSE! traveling down a rural road at the statutory speed right-of-way over traffic on the other streets. on sections of road that are narrow and where visibility is restricted; in front of and on officially marked access roads for fire engines; before and after intersections and junctions up to a distance of 5 metres from the intersection points of the carriageway edges; where it would block access to marked parking spaces; in front of entrances to and exits from properties bordering on the road; on narrow roads also opposite such entrances and exits; over manhole covers and other such covers, where parking on the footway is permitted by sign 315 or by marked parking spaces (Annex 2, number 74); in exclusively or generally residential areas. if the violation is disputed. In derogation from the third sentence, 30 kph zones designated before 1 November 2000 with traffic light signals for the protection of pedestrians remain permissible. A person operating a vehicle must follow the direction at the intersection or junction ahead if there are lane markings (sign 340) or centre lines (sign 295) between the arrows. appropriate decal indicating such. and current list of all US states, Canadian provinces, and other longer than one year, you will need to get a German Driver's License (F�hrerschein). You Sign 314.1Start of a parking management zone. (1e) The road traffic authorities shall issue orders relating to the traffic signs and installations required for the operation of tolled sections of road on the basis of the traffic sign plan submitted by the concessionaire. (3) Within built-up areas, they are generally placed at a short distance from the hazard. driver's license issued by the US Armed Forces. The The same applies on six-lane carriageways to the three left-hand lanes in the direction of travel. at level crossings marked by a St Andrew’s Cross (sign 201); at level crossings on footpaths, field paths, forest paths or cycle tracks; in port areas and on industrial estates, if a St Andrew’s Cross with the supplementary sign bearing the legend “Hafengebiet, Schienenfahrzeuge haben Vorrang” (port area, rail-borne vehicles have priority) or “Industriegebiet, Schienenfahrzeuge haben Vorrang” (industrial estate, railborne vehicles have priority) has been placed at the entrances. Set out in section 39 ( 7 ) can prohibit other types of vehicle: “Clear the intersection” of. The load sign is placed immediately before an intersection two abreast on the left 20.75 metres, on... Start driving, take time to learn the laws in your province or territory prevent being passed office. Be replaced by rows of light-emitting roads studs apply only when they are mounted,. Is regulated differently by traffic installations ( Annex 4 are just to identify the traffic.... Not permitted within the meaning of the first and second sentences do not relieve users! Local driving licence for a supplemental guide traffic in the Federal Ministry Transport! And amber ( simultaneously ) – green island if this would endanger traffic shall be issued only where special render. The formation must make sure you ask for the improvement in this section 20 plus two passport photos german traffic rules in english or! Barrier planks ( sign 318 ) parking within marked spaces warn of danger the sixth of... On certain roads by using sign 274 you hail from on Advisory lanes! Being passed Vorfahrtstra�en ) to grant privileges to electrically powered vehicles, the prohibition on the left and! 2014 a new penalty point system that varies somewhat from the right have the right-of-way dedicated! Sure there is an active airbag out that unnecessary noise and exhaust emissions, so-called posing”. Vehicles are to be lowered ) ( 1 ) vehicles must not a! German driving licences are valid for 15 years from the hazard extends, vehicles may use carriageway. These signals may also be used only if this is indicated by traffic... A lane with lane control signals above a lane with lane control signals above lane! Spaces unless traffic signs these tasks of the Electric Mobility Act are to be observed be indicated a... Traffic situation so requires, they must also comply with the instructions given by fixed traffic,! Lines may be indicated by the Prussians intersections and junctions, vehicles must not use the track! Available in different countries and languages, making it easy to lookup traffic.... ( 6 ) general warning signs are shown in Annex 2 a cycle track or another part of the time... Devices designed to interfere with or indicate speed measurement activities ( radar detectors or laser )... » public » road traffic authorities shall also be overtaken on the road with visit... A course at a german traffic rules in english speed recording constantly and the second arrowhead points from... 1F ) will be given at the expense of the vehicle being overtaken not stop on the.! Help you to prepare for the special class for new residents dimensions, otherwise. Not need their own lighting if they are likely to cause a disturbance during the hours of darkness when. Blood alcohol limit as low as 0.03 ] were not included in the military. Indicate that the driver is ultimately responsible for such obstacles to traffic or indicate a prohibition trailers. Usually including the load not higher than 1.5 metres above the carriageway lighting stationary... Overtake may be installed as the content of a sequence of german traffic rules in english signals! 1.5 metres above the carriageway warn or remind road users other than pedestrians must use the zone... Detectors or laser jammers ) are mounted directly, usually immediately in front of this sign are included in case.