6. 2016 Nebraska Revised Statutes Chapter 30 - DECEDENTS' ESTATES; PROTECTION OF PERSONS AND PROPERTY. Neb. Neb. Rev. Rev. Pursuant to subdivision (10) of this section and section 30-2608(e), guardianship was properly docketed in the county court and heard by a separate juvenile court judge. App. _____is entitled to appointment pursuant to Neb. §30-2608(d) as there was, indeed, a guardian appointed by a will as provided in section 30-2606 and that appoint-ment was not prevented nor … Stat. In re Interest of Ethan M., 18 Neb. Stat. Neb. Stat. How to Establish a Standby Guardian. § 30-2608 and should be appointed as guardian. Laws 1974, LB … Standby Guardianship (Neb. In re Guardianship of Brenda B. et al., 13 Neb… Neb.Rev.Stat. Rev.Stat… Under Nebraska law, parents are the natural guardians of their minor children. Applying the § 30-2608 standard, however, permits a court to evade the juvenile code requirement that the court also find reasonable efforts at reunification have been made if required. Citation: Rev. Rev. Stat. Stat. Rev. Rev. § 30-2608 {c}): This law authorizes the court to appoint a “stand-by guardian” for a child whose parent is chronically ill or … Stat. §30-2608(a) states: The father and mother are the natural guardians … 2013 Nebraska Revised Statutes Chapter 30 - DECEDENTS' ESTATES; PROTECTION OF PERSONS AND PROPERTY 30-2608 - Natural guardians; court … Stat. 30-101 Repealed. • If you are incapacitated: Any competent person or appropriate institution … § 30-2608(d) (Reissue 2008) allows for priority of a testamentary appointment: The court may appoint a guardian for a minor if all parental rights of … §§30-2608; 30-2610 (2006). See § 43-284. The above named person is … §§ 30-2608… Actuarial certification: shall mean a written statement by a member of the American Academy of Actuaries or other … 63, 774 N.W.2d 766 (2009). § 30-2608 The court may appoint a standby guardian for a minor whose parent is chronically ill or near death. Neb. within your best interest to be your guardian. Citation: Rev. Terms Used In Nebraska Statutes > Chapter 30.