So far we have told you about Georgia's nearest motorcycle riding hotspot, the Blue Ridge Box, as well as some iconic US motorcycle roads that are spread out around the USA.But if you simply want to know what the best motorcycle rides near you in Georgia are, then read on as I describe 5 of the very best motorcycle rides in Georgia below. I do quite a bit of riding and not a lot of Web programming. It goes by many names such as The Dragon, the Tail of the Dragon, Deal’s Gap, and/or the Dragon’s Tail. Ogden—Monte Cristo Campground 34 Miles. Ride date 2008.04.26. Don't miss the Stonehenge replica at Maryhill. Total distance 305 km. It offers gentle curves and breathtaking scenery as well as world class amenities along the coast and in the cities/towns that grace its path. Chinook Pass from Greenwater to Naches. Gorgeous ride. All routes along Ohio’s Windy 9 “start” in Athens, but you can map out a route that makes the most sense for the direction you are starting from and how long you want to ride.We started in Columbus, researching the routes that would allow us to wind through as many of the Windy 9 routes as we could within our two-day getaway. Last update 2014. Charming little Kentucky village located along the Ohio River directly across from Rising Sun,…, This is the stop for motorcycle riders when traveling on Angels Crest Highway. Total distance 228 km. Probably the least surprising of the list of four hotspots for motorcycle rides is The Colorado Rockies. Today, it’s a smooth, winding road over some of the state’s best scenery. Motorcycle Routes on Ohio’s Windy 9. The route is extreme for the fact that for the sheer mountain cliffs and switchbacks as well as the fact that it can throw snow & ice into the mix as late as July. This quintessential road trip up (or down) the California coast became popular when it was glamorized by a variety of movies and TV shows and has only grown in popularity over time. My contact information is on every page. All such bits of road are identified, to the best of my recollection. For those searching for motorcycle rides with charming southern ambiance, look no further than South Carolina. 2. Chuckanut Drive from Bellingham to Bow. A wealth of sunshine and scenic motorways, including 21 byways and countless meandering mountain roads, make Pennsylvania a haven for motorcyclists. Itinerary suggested by Ashmore Ellis, co-founder of Babes Ride Out, an all-women’s motorcycle group that hosts road trips around the world, bringing together over … A Passion for Arizona. After that it becomes very flat and very straight for almost all the way to Idaho. We’ve put together our top 10 choices for the best motorcycle rides Massachusetts has to offer. It's a bit drab in spots but generally a very consistently interesting road. Ride date 2008.08.16. It also is only fair to note that fantastic Ozark mountain motorcycle roads are also available in nearby in Southwest Missouri and Eastern Oklahoma. Dear SMR users and fellow motorcycle enthusiasts, Over the past 14 years, it has been our distinct pleasure to bring to the community our free resource for sharing and exploring the best motorcycle rides in the world. The road up Steptoe Butte from Colfax. The Obstruction Point Road from Hurricane Ridge to Obstruction Point. There are all kinds of motorcycle rides in Sydney and farther afield that will give you and your bike a run for your money. This is definitely a GS run, with most of the trip on gravel and dirt. We’ve picked a few of our favorites for you with the criteria of great scenery, a place to stop for food and something cool to do when you reach your destination. jemail("pingora", "protonmail", "com"); This is very much a work in progress. of the fun things you can do outdoors. Ride date 2007.06.09. So next time you're ready to saddle up, hit one of our top 10 motorcycle rides in California Now we admit we are a little bit biased, but in our humble opinion we reccomend snagging a pair of protective jeans at the very least to add to the helmet you should be wearing already for protection. The easternmost part is a little drab, but still the best way to get across that part of the state on a motorcycle. But if you do find errors, please drop me a line, and I'll try to fix them. Stevens Pass: US 2 from Gold Bar to Leavenworth. The short list of these premium motorcycle rides in the USA are as follows: The Dragon – This incredible route starts at the North Carolina and Tennessee border and heads north into the state of Tennessee. Gaylen Brotherson is the owner and CEO of AZ Ride Motorcycle Rentals. Wrigley Mansion is the hilltop home of chewing gum magnate William Wrigley Jr. who built the home in 1932. This crooked path of road is said to resemble the 'tail of a dragon' with all its sharp turns and cutbacks hence the name and the reputation. Hugely diverse, crossing the state from west to east, mostly mountainous but includes a ferry ride and some historic old towns. 1. Cool Pikes Peak Region Motorcycle Rides. This route is covers large portions of both Virginia and North Carolina and has been enchanting both motorcycle riders and car drivers for decades. The Harts Pass Road from Mazama to Slate Peak. Then take Mount Baldy Road for a straight ride back down. Go west (or north), the road will wind around the reservoir and along the Esopus Creek, which is great for tubing. Never hesitate to email us with your questions and concerns. The Hurricane Ridge Road from Port Angeles to Hurricane Ridge. All of US 12, which runs from Aberdeen to I-5, then jogs down I-5 a ways before heading east over White Pass (very scenic with lots of fast curves). WA 542 from Deming to Mount Baker Lodge. If you’re looking for a iconic motorcycle ride in the Midwest, The Tunnel of Trees Road is like the PCH of the Midwest and like PCH (described above), this route is also a “shore hugger.”  It offers riders great lake shore scenery off to the west with a canopy of green foliage from above. Pretty much all the paved roads in the Palouse Hills. There are many scenic motorcycle rides near Phoenix Arizona that you can do in an afternoon, all while forgetting that the city is nearby! So, (McR) has put together this quick guide to help you definitively answer the question - “What are my best options for Motorcycle Rides Near Me?”. It is known for its collection of incredible curves compressed into a short stretch of 11-miles ... 318 curves in those mere 11-miles. Find all ... route follows an ancient Native American trade route that connected tribes in upstate New York and beyond with those near the Atlantic. 136 Motorcycle Roads North West England United Kingdom. Note that many rural "paved" roads in Washington are chip-sealed and so you can expect to occasionally encounter gravelly bits on paved roads. Pennsylvania Motorcycle Rides 05/22/13. It’s not just about having a low seat, but also one that is narrow as that allows you to get your legs closer together which means you have a better reach to the ground. There are some great rides that aren't in the book, and it doesn't cover rides off the pavement, but there's nothing better between two covers. Ride date 2007.06.03. The ride has a cult following of riders and like the other iconic rides, draws motorcycle riders in from not just the USA but all parts of the world. Some locations are well known for attracting motorcycle riders yet others I highlight will probably surprise you!

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