And these sellers on eBay want $3 per refill with $20 shipping. If you see the photos in the guide up top, the Pilot G2 refills are the bottom two refills above the G2 listing. It fit very well onto the end of the VBall refill and I will just need to transfer that spacer to any other VBall refill that I use. It’s one of the nicest rollerball refills I’ve used. Searching for replacement parts for a Schmidt MDR 6, Use a sharp pocketknife or Xacto to trim the “collar” or “shoulder” off the refill. That said, you’re kind of torturing me by posting this the Friday before I have a crazy weekend of birthday parties, out-of-town visitors, etc. It does look awfully similar to a G2 refill but maybe its a slightly different length/width? He will also work to make a custom 3D printed sleeve to meet your needs if you email him directly. I always see recommendations to use the Schmidt EasyFlow 9000, but I’ve never tried it. The Pilot Ballpoint Refill might also be compatible. The Waterman took about 5mm. I am seeking (try not to laugh) a better option that can fit a Bic Round Stic pen barrel. The Kaweco Sport rollerball pens also can take the Schmidt P8126 refills. Schmidt EasyFlow 9000: Brass: 61.8g / 2.18 oz: Schmidt 5888 Ceramic Rollerball: Copper: 65.1g / 2.29 oz: Schmidt 6040 Fineliner (can dry out more quickly) Schmidt Megaline 950M Pressurized Ballpoint: Loading Images. These slim refills fit multi color pens, too. If so, I would recommend to Moleskine gel refills or the Monteverde gel refills. I’d like to replace the refills with something like a sliccies or hi-tec-c refill, but the plastic barrels on all the Japanese pen refills I love are a bit too wide to slip into the metal casing that holds the space pen refills. Most D1 refills have a hole in their tail end, so something like a cocktail stick could be used to make up the extra required length, to allow a D1 to replace the Fisher refill in your pen. If possible, could you include Waterman in your guide? A great resource for Waterman refills is run by the fine folks at Goldspot Pens. They are available in 0.4 and 0.5mm so not super wide but great color options. I believe that Tofty on Shapeways makes a 3D printed converter for Cross pens that would allow you to use a Zebra gel D1 refill. The ink tube will pull out of the tip assembly, but the ball point part on the front of the tip assembly is well fused (I tried removing one with steel punch to no avail). I will add that my G2 refills fit the ACME perfectly. pilot, would have to try it, but the final tip has to be very very thin Dear Ana, The easiest way would probably be to cut the refill and use the spacer. I’m open to adding a spring to the butt of the refill, if that’s what it takes. I love this pen but I’m not a big ballpoint fan. I don’t see a Uni SXR-80. I found it on the CultPens Euro rollerball page. I wasn’t expecting much but have been very impressed. I’ve purchased a couple from him for other pen configurations so I can vouch that the products work. It’s a ballpoint refill available in fine, medium or broad and is touted to write up to 600 pages from one refill. 07 $13.50 $13.50. Any D1 refill should work as a replacement for the MDR6. Schmidt Parker-style G2 refills. Thank you. From my experience, the Jetstream 0.7 is the best of both worlds. The ink flow starts instantly even after a longer pause of writing. Hope you add it to your guide and that it helps others. Without knowing what specific pen you have, that’s the best I can do. It is of 1981/82 vintage. Gel refills provide the slickest, smoothest writing experience of the three in this guide. If you cut a small piece of plastic tubing to fill in the backspace, any Pilot G2 refill work. Now, this is where the Schmidt Easy Flow 9000 comes in. I’m not sure if it was listed in your guide, I couldn’t tell. Voila. Its a $2 gamble! They are cheap on Ebay. This list is, at best, a guide and not a definitive directory. Hey there – late to the party but I just wanted to reply for posterity that the Schmidt P8126 refill does not fit the Kaweco Sport Rollerball. Waterman Ballpoint Refill . As for a good alternative for D1 refills, I love the Zebra gel refills from Jet Pens. Also I saw your comments about 3D printing & Tofty but I don’t really honestly even know what to ask. As always, I recommend checking with Tofty2 over on Shapeways. If anyone can suggest a resource, I’d be eternally grateful. The Cross Selectip needed a 2mm ring at the front to put the point in the perfect extension and 4mm at the back. Ana, you’re awesome! I believe that Kaweco uses Schmidt refills so I just have to find the correct replacement. I guess my budget is
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