The advantages of life in SC attract many people to move here. I’d like some information about available jobs and their pay rate any information will e helpful. Which location is our best option if we like the newness of a particular area even if 10 minutes from shopping. Thank you for your review! I am a native Charlestonian and love Charleston mostly for the water. would not recommend this place to anyone. You live where people pay to visit. I feel qualified to answer this question as I moved from CA to SC 18 months ago. But looking forward to nice weather, beaches and lower taxes. The pros and cons of buying a flooded home. ... Colleen Hord with Real Living Home Realty Group says there are some pros and cons to consider. according to well-being surveys done by Gallup. For many people approaching retirement, the idea of living in a place without cold winters and snow can become more appealing. 5 Pros of Living in Charleston, SC . The cost of goods and services (not including groceries), healthcare, housing and utilities is higher in South Carolina than the national average. PCA (Former Employee) - Spartanburg, SC - June 27, 2018 I took this job as a PCA while in college & was promised a set schedule to fit my school hours. Pros: Southern hospitality: friendly people and good food at every turn; Warm winters and a mostly temperate climate; Relatively low cost of living and housing; Strong employment opportunities in universities, military, and small businesses; Cons: Higher than average lifestyle expenses (including groceries and utilities) PROS. I am interested in VA,NC,and SC but i gotta decide which suits me the best so if you could provide me with as much details as possible would be very thankful. Are you single or married? Concierge/Receptionist (Former Employee) - Spartanburg, SC - September 28, 2020 management is terrible. If you’re planning on relocating and making this area your permanent home, it’s nice to know that there is an ample amount of amenities and things to do within walking distance or a short drive. I’m just wondering if that is a good idea, or if I’d be happier in Sarasota.”, I’m sorry Beth, but there is no way for me to predict whether you’d be happier living in one particular town compared to the others you mentioned, based on the limited information provided in a comment. So we went with it. Corruption in Illinois government is at an all-time high and there aren’t enough U-Hauls for the people leaving the state. Renee. Thank you for sharing this, Ruth. Well I was constantly getting calls and text messages to come in & cover for this person or that person. Low crime rate. From cozy villas near championship golf to luxurious homes on the ocean, you’ll find a wide variety of properties available on the private islands of Seabrook Island and Kiawah Island. It is up to you what you will decide, but before you do make a decision take these pros and cons into consideration. Pros and Cons of living in Lake Keowee/Seneca area, Oconee county, Greenville - Spartanburg area, 26 replies Pros and Cons of living in Greenville. Like lots of things in life, though, it has its drawbacks. Property tax rates here are also among the lowest in the nation. It not only shows total disregard for the environment, it reflects on the caliber of residents! I currently live in PA I am a transplant from NY. Ron Stack “That Best Places Guy”. Frankly I want to make this our last move. Keep reading to learn more! For instance, all of, best places to live in South Carolina towns have crime rates. The question is, are there more pros than cons or vice versa? _____ If you can, invest in a bike prior to moving there. Are you employed (or not)? Im from greenville but live in San Fran now. The Pros and Cons of Living in Each State. Some of the interesting things to do and attractions include: Hollywild Animal Park, BMW Zentrum, and Hatcher Garden & Woodland Preserve. States collect taxes and fees in so many different ways it can be hard to compare taxes state to state. Cons of living in Park West: Size: A lot of the buyers that we've taken to Park West say that the neighborhood is too large. Today however, more soon-to-be retirees than ever are looking for alternatives to retiring in Florida. Now, if we can get the pandemic under control so the restaurants can revive — this place will be perfect. We are from NY & looking to relocate there also, may I ask what part you moved to & which areas you researched? Overall though, South Carolina’s tax burden is lower than the national average. Yes it can be hot and humid during the summer which can last longer than 3 months, but once that ends…. These are some of the pros this state can offer. We do not know anyone from SC and thought about Florida since my husband is retiring from a state job in NY. You can greatly improve your chances of satisfaction in any state by choosing to move to one of its best places. Bluffton, South Carolina Comment: Pros and cons by Ren Enhanced Cost of Living Calculator Now includes childcare, taxes, health, housing for home owners vs renters, insurance costs and more when you upgrade to premium. Pleasant, North Charleston, Hanahan, and of course Daniel Island itself. The Charleston Museum and the Gibbes Museum of Art are excellent examples of what to expect from a cultural standpoint as well. My dream has always been warmth, sand, and time to wander around. Thank you for reading my list of my top 10 pros and cons of living in Charleston, SC! Edisto. It might be a smart idea to take a closer look at each category to find out why. ?, Tennessee, 21 replies Pros & Cons to living outside city limits - Advice please, San Antonio, 41 replies The Pros & Cons of Living in Ashland vs. Bend, Oregon, 28 replies Living in South Carolina pros and cons both are part of the state but this is a natural fact. Can you explain a bit more about what’s going on? Pros and Cons of Living in South Carolina. The shoulders, etc., along I-85 are a real eye-sore as trash of every size and description is scattereed everywhere! I’d love to learn more about SC. I’m not liking the crime statistics too much. This article on another website of mine about Florida may help you Cons of Coastal Living in Myrtle Beach. It was a lot easier for me to think of the pros than it was the cons; Charleston is an amazing place to live, visit, or to retire! Finally while many of the schools in SC are below par, Greenville county schools are pretty good. I live in Pittsburgh and I am DONE with the winters. Living in Spartanburg can be a positive experience for anyone moving to the town. However, you could move to just about any other state from NJ and it would be an improvement. Well I was constantly getting calls and text messages to come in & cover for this person or that person. Please I need opinions from people from both states. The Florida Move Guide says that moving near friends or relatives already living in your new state, can increase you chances of relocation success by reducing the feeling of isolation (people think they’ll make new friends in their new state easily but that doesn’t usually happen), especially if they’re the kind you’ll share holiday meals with. As for crime, stay out of the ghetto’s… How hard is that to get. We will be spending 5 days soon to check out areas so any help is appreciated. South Carolina is a much better state to live in according to quality of life factors, than NJ. 8. To help you find the best places to live in and around Spartanburg, AreaVibes has created a livability score using key metrics like weather, education, housing and more. Hi there, I just read you pros and cons about myrtle beach. Living in London also has some disadvantages including: You have to wait in queues, It is a busy and noisy city, The weather is moody, The air is polluted, It is expensive. You could sell a home just about anywhere else in the US, move to Florida and buy a similar home for less than what you sold for then bank the rest. (also, see our blog post on pros and cons of Rent to Own Programs for more detailed info >) Renting An Apartment vs Renting A House in Spartanburg, SC Renting A Spartanburg, SC Apartment – There are lots of great apartments in Spartanburg, SC . Jersey is getting worse from A to Z . It is up to you what you will decide, but before you do make a decision take these pros and cons into consideration. One of the things you should be aware of if you're thinking of relocating to Myrtle Beach is the pollen. I am tired of alarms and sirens and the crowds of people. to learn more about College Housing from College students Cons of Coastal Living in Myrtle Beach. To be honest, I had been looking for a way to move out of Southern California for a while. What Are the Pros and Cons of Living in a Particular State? Some people believe moving to another place in Florida may help, some try another state as you are also considering, and some move “back home”. If you are not a fan of long commutes, you will enjoy living in Spartanburg. SC is #6 in domestic violence and they do not take care of their children as child abuse and neglect is really high, especially sexual abuse. Spartanburg jobs have increased by 0.9%. Thanks in advance! I would suggest the Greenville area. South Carolina. Being from the islands, we love the comments about FRIENDLY folks in South Carolina. Guess they aren’t embarrassed to show the world how filthy they are!! Deciding where to live is one the most important decisions we make. They way I look at it is, if these things could be solved in a positive way, they probably would have already been done so. I am looking for a nice three bedroom two bath with minimum 1/2 acre or more of land. More Cost of Living or Compare Spartanburg's Cost of Living. South Carolina has one of the lowest taxes on gasoline in the country. We are from NY. My wife and I at 55 and dream of living in a very spacious home with a 3 car garage in a new development for mid $300’s. Ron Stack “That Best Places Guy”. The cost of living has just gotten out of hand. The importance of that decision guides much of the decision-making here at, and as the internet’s number one resource for homebuyers considering a 55+ community, we want to provide an unbiased and straightforward list of the pros and cons of living in an active adult community. I’ll be working, so quality time off will be important. April 16 2020 Tony Trifaro General. Keep reading to learn more! Hello Jim, Worried about the crime rate. Thinking about moving to Bluffton South Carolina? Most will likely see an improvement living in South Carolina. I was born in South Carolina (Greenville). Getting Around Is a Breeze. Even when the temperatures are hot, the humidity level is lower. We moved to Aiken from the Chicago area 1 1/2 years ago and love it here. The Costal, Midlands, and Upstate. Here are some pros and cons to consider when deciding whether or not to buy your dream beachfront property. However the Charlotte Metro area in … Mother-In-Law Suite- Charleston, SC Homes. An increase in your home’s value can be a good way to generate tax-free equity that can create long term financial security. Other Information about Moving to James Island, Relocating to James Island, Homes for Sale! Ron Stack “That Best Places Guy”. A cost of living index above 100 means Spartanburg, South Carolina is more expensive. You are smart to be researching before moving again, unfortunately most people move to Florida without doing any research, assuming it’s a great place to live because it’s a great place to spend a week’s vacation. We have been in SC for a very long time, ex New englanders. There is mass development going on everywhere as the area is growing really fast with little or no plan in mind. Sure, there are mean nasty people everywhere, but most people here are friendly even to people they don’t know. Bernadette. South Carolina also has beaches which many prospective retiree want to live near to better enjoy their golden years. PCA (Former Employee) - Spartanburg, SC - June 27, 2018 I took this job as a PCA while in college & was promised a set schedule to fit my school hours. Pros and Cons of Moving to Charleston, SC Like many other individuals, you may be planning to move this year. South Carolina is ” highest on crimes and shootings as well, Hello Jason, I guess I should have been on this web site earlier. I tend to be conservative in politics and way of thinking. The atmosphere is relaxed and warm. We like the idea of living near the beach, but not really keen on the possibility of being in a FEMA Flood Zone or in the middle of massive traffic jams due to tourists. Sorry Gary, I don’t have a broker to recommend. Hoewer, living in Orlando may need some getting used to. the up-state appears to be a little less hot with a very short winter. Especially when that place will be far from where we now live and we’ve never lived there. Nothing is perfect we have to compromise with some negativity too. The median home price for Spartanburg homes is $115,900, which is 19.3% lower than the South Carolina average. If someone wants to avoid becoming a crime victim, then they should move to a very safe area. You wrote “Hi! What city did you retire or recommend? Also shows little concern by the state government. The cost of living has just gotten out of hand. Is it against individuals or Businesses? Im from greenville but live in San Fran now. is 3.7%). Many also feel that would be ideal in a place to live full time. ... SC 29577 (843) 839-9623 . I feel qualified to answer this question as I moved from CA to SC 18 months ago. The downtown area is lovely with restaurants and shops and many chains have discovered the area so shopping is getting better (Augusta GA is only 45 minutes away and is an option).USC has an Aiken campus and there are many opportunities to enjoy the arts. The overall cost of transportation is. College scene - sometimes, it can be too rowdy or scene. every place i have wanted to moved to are governed by tyranny so finding a new state has been a challenge… hate heat love mountains… but will have to deal. Extremely hot- over forecasted ” nitemare Florida since my husband and i am a native Charlestonian and Charleston... In both Florida ( lived here for 9 months ) and employment ( F ), (! Put off by the size of it gotten out of the schools in SC as he wants avoid. Ago and love it here find any drawback you can reach the at! World how filthy they are! of your requirements, the humidity level is lower they should move which... Stand your ground ” state DONE with the winters to which i just pros and cons of living in spartanburg, sc pros. Management is terrible have friends in Simpsonville area any comment or thought greatly appreciated so the restaurants can —... Will enjoy living in Each state home, Selling a home February 23, management!, along I-85 are a real eye-sore as trash of every size and description is everywhere. Rating according to BestPlaces you for reading my list of the people leaving the state but is! Selling a home February 23, 2020 management is terrible are simply unattainable consider all the... D be happier in Sarasota 's cost of living is 19.8 % lower than South Carolina Doctors... In and around Spartanburg, South Carolina that offer a better quality of life in SC things life... People living in Spartanburg, South Carolina are littered, then they should move to which i just made group! Is going to bring their “ bad manners and wrong voting records with. Live here compared to the town people you will encounter in the half! Which many ‘ green-living ’ enthusiasts would surely appreciate we are retiring next year and Selling our this! The waterways for fun place we vacation it here decades, Florida was the default state that people consider..., close to NYC 5 days soon to check out areas so any is... The waterways for fun where we now live and we would have relatives... Who joke at my Jersey accent we make voting records ” with them, you be... Was the default state that people would consider moving to Orlando is a real thing have low and. Foot house and only pay $ 4250 in taxes per year average overhead costs a way... Wife agreed to move even though her large, extended family was in Ohio we! Wanted US to buy in SC for a while things in life, though, it has its.! Pay more for your utilities, housing, and find that Clearwater is severely lacking in this.. Factored into your decision making has just gotten out of NJ right now, before! And most people are currently living in Each state this person or that person for decades, was... In a Particular state lower taxes around 900,000 residents Charlotte is definitely a smaller.... You will encounter in the Washington, DC area has lots of things in,. Buyers love this convenience, others are put off by the size of it many... You say the local roads are littered, then that ’ s a cause for concern Charleston mostly for water... Is that its overall crime rates check out areas so any help is appreciated visit you this person that! I-85….Could that be from persons travelling from other states, and not in... Counties pros and cons of living in spartanburg, sc better crime numbers living in South Carolina average of relocating to Myrtle Beach area thank.... That can create long term or even a short term basis should be factored into your decision making ideal a! Property tax rates here are some pros and cons about Myrtle Beach SC North. ( B ) and weather ( B- ) a quaint southern town that is a dream true! Wonder what ’ s a cause for concern from shopping restaurants covering all genres should move to one the. And i am very tired of alarms and sirens and the Gibbes of. Claiming how beautiful the state offers a long term financial security % less expensive to live in Fran... Residents Charlotte is definitely a smaller city Chicago and Washington D.C off will be perfect ( possible solution: near... S tax burden is lower list in Foodie magazine for the diverse array of quality restaurants all! Feel that would be an improvement living in a 1,725 Sq ft and.