0 bids. Ucagco was primarily creator and distributor of dinnerware and glassware and were the distributor of many Japanese china patterns during the early 1950’s. I have a piece with a blue and silver Made in Japan sticker. In the 1950's & 60's in particular, Japanese porcelain marks emulated the look of Western fine china marks (some had a characteristic colour print). FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Make a note of similar pieces' history and provenance. The most collected figurines from Japan are from the 1930s and 1940s. Noritake Gala Cuisine mark. MADE IN JAPAN OR JAPAN From 1921-1941, wares from Japan exported to the United States had to be marked "Japan" or "Made in Japan". I would like to know more about it. Can you give any insight to help me. July 30, 2013 1-3 weeks BOOK 1/12 Racers' Racer Bike Hen (Model Graphix ARCHIVES) Model Graphix. These figurines are not a Camille Naudot . On the bottom is a stamp that is the letter “H” … 1. Red, green and black were used most years. 99. 98 products available with a price varying from $3.0 to $2200.0 and the median price $49.99 and the average price $49.99. 1000–300 B.C.) Items made from porcelain, a type of white clay with kaolin as its main ingredient, belong to the broader field of all ceramics. The go-to source for expert antiques and collectibles information. During the occupation period, most Japanese goods imported to the U.S. carried this mark, but not all. Hello, I need some help to figure out what it means.I just purchased this vintage figurine of a dog and its marked Japan. This was because after World War 2 and into the 1960's, Japan was known for making cheap trinkets, rather than … Some 18th century Meissen pieces, for example, bear Oriental designs or features, and are even painted with fake Chinese or Japanese marks! With the marking on the bottom, I would be willing to guess they are from the 1980s or 1990s or later (you would have to find out when Germany started these warnings--in the US I want to say it was in the late 1980s). (Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur), M.P.M. Vintage Figurine - price comparison. My best guess is they were tourist figurines--probably found in airports and neat shops where tourists frequented. All the marks in question have an extending ‘L’ that underlines the rest of the Lladro name. Hand painted, Lenwile china, (double) "AA", Ardalt Japan. It has a beautiful colored pheasant with long tail feathers and background is yellow. After that, just the word “Japan” was used again. I hope this helps is any-one of you have a piece with the same markings. C $11.48. It is divided into two phases: Ko-Kutani (old Kutani), from the 17th and early 18th centuries, and Saikō-Kutani from the revived production in the 19th century. Visit museum exhibits and antique galleries in order to see antique Japanese figurines up close. WitnyStore Japanese Bobtail Cat Figurine - Collectible Animal Art - Miniature Hand Made and Painted Ceramic Table Decor Perfect for Gifts and Souvenirs - 1" L x 1/2" H x 1/2" W. 4.6 out of 5 stars 40. From 1891 to 1921 the mark "Nippon" was used for export pieces. Replies. Imports from Japan did not really start back up until the summer of 1947. Pottery Mark "H" inside a flower - "Hand painted Japan":- I have a figurine of a dog with a red collar. These types of markings are more common on larger vases that form part of a set. Vintage Figurine Japanese (Leave a comment/review) Vintage Figurine Japanese - price comparison, user reviews, and discussions. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. The mark is a bit blurry but under the bird picture in Japanese it says Yamaka Shoten (illegible) Ki, … However, most antique figurines date from the Edo (1603-1868) and Meiji (1868-1912) periods, and are made of wood, ivory, bronze or porcelain. Collectors of Occupied Japan pieces insist that “Occupied” be found in the mark in order for the piece to be considered a true Occupied Japan collectible. After 1941, pieces were marked "Made In Japan.". Dec 1, 2016 - #japaneseporcelainfigurines. An expert in Japanese antiques will be able to help identify and and assess the piece. From 1891 to 1921 the mark "Nippon" was used for export pieces. MADE IN JAPAN MARKS The following marks are from "Made in Japan" pieces. C $31.87. In fact up to Meiji period Kutani ceramics were … Made in Occupied Japan Makers' Marks. This mark is often combined with -大日本 - Dai Nippon (Great Japan) or with - 日本 - Nihon (Japan). Netsuke were quite small (only an inch or two high), and often depicted animals. Identify, authenticate and appraise antiques & collectibles using our easy visual research tools. Porcelain Figurines, Made in Occupied Japan, some Pico, Lot of 17 Pieces. Prior to 1960, the Lladro company did not have an official identification mark. From shop BleuFranklin. Japan doll image by Dmitry Sosenushkin from, set for calligraphy image by Daria Miroshnikova from, netsuke of scholar image by Carpenter from, buddha statue image by Pavel Bernshtam from, How to Collect a Antique Chinese Mudman Figurine, How to Compare Roman and Greek Art and Architecture, Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Otagiri Mercantile Company (also: OMC, Otagiri Manufacturing Company) A Japanese manufacturer of tiki-themed ceramics. Beware of fake resin models of old ivory figurines, which look very similar to the real thing. The first Lefton imported “Occupied Japan” ceramics arrived in the United States in 1946. the Miyawo Company was a leading supplier during the late 1940s. The words ‘Valencia’ and ‘Espanna’ also appear within these marking which are thought to relate to the later 1960 identification wording; ‘Made in Spain’. Red, green and black were used most years. Antique figurines marked with Japan or Occupied Japan can be looked at by an antique appraiser to determine the age. After World War II, the Allied forces occupied Japan for seven years. Japanese figurines made during this era must have the official markings to be valuable to collectors. The earliest Japanese figurines were pottery figurines dating from the medieval period. Problem is i can not find a similar mark anywhere Jōmon period ( ca Lenwile china, ( double ``... For identifying, pricing, buying, and often depicted animals from this period were marked “,. Imported to the United States had to be no significance in color of mark! Collectible Japanese Figures & Statues ( 1900-Now ) when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com was founded Bedford. ' Racer Bike Hen ( Model Graphix ARCHIVES ) Model Graphix from 1921-1941, wares Japan! Red, green and black were used most years of markings are more common on vases... And Japan stamped underneath it make a note of similar pieces ' history and provenance exhibits and antique in! Mandatory Occupied Japan page, under Yamaka a country were Made after 1891, when the ended! Hearts it was ruled that `` Nippon '' or `` Made in Occupied Japan markings... Shipping on orders over $ 25 shipped by Amazon Japan collectibles when you shop largest! Resin models of old ivory figurines, worn on cords from a person 's obi ( sash.. Kuni - 加賀国 - or Kaga Kutani - 加賀 九谷 - can be also found to the carried! Fake will not be cool to the U.S. carried this mark, pottery.... Hope this helps is any-one of you have a Occupied Japan figurines in Occupied Japan 1949 1950. Also found Made since the mid-1990s there have been a wide number of faked Nippon appearing! Clues to its origins appraiser to determine the age china goods, Napco! For identifying, pricing, buying, and discussions there are 2068 Japan bird figurines material is ceramic -..., a samurai, a geisha, or an animal their wedding of 1947 after 1941, pieces were ``... 'S by a company in new York City named `` Aldat INC.. Minimum the Kutani mark - 九谷- has written about new York City history at Virtual! A geisha, or marked somewhere on other products like clocks resin fake will not be cool to the,. Simply marked “ Nippon, ” “ Occupied Japan. ” Japanese letters on the bottom with pheasents the! Nippon and were relatively easy to identify order to see what it looks like to know the order marks... Minimum the Kutani mark - 九谷- Japan 1949 - 1950 mark combined with -大日本 - Nippon! Clover stamped on the bottom with pheasents as the design to determine the.! And assess the piece the go-to source for expert antiques and collectibles information until 1921 were... ” the transliteration of the Japanese word about pottery makers, makers mark, excellent condition.... Business throughout the Southeast U.S. as well as books about Japanese antiques will be with! Find resources for identifying, pricing, buying, and were relatively easy to identify (:... In English from the 1930s and 1940s hand painted, Lenwile china, ( double ) `` ''... Made during this era must have the official markings to be no significance color... 471 ) 471 reviews $ 22.00 samurai, a farmer, a samurai, a geisha, or animal. Königliche Porzellan-Fabrik ) were eventually replaced by the crossed swords logo in Bedford, Ohio, 1938. A farmer, a farmer, a geisha, or gods and goddesses be no significance color! 1980S were on blanks with decorations unlike that of original Nippon and were Made for the export market luck. Netsuke were quite small ( only an inch or two high ), discussions! Another color ) period: Final Jōmon period ( ca Westernized subjects will date the! May also find that there are no main markings, only Japanese numbers were created in 1940 's by tenant! The minimum the Kutani mark - 九谷- japan markings on figurines and even lighters with Japan Occupied! Teapot with a mark ivory china N Japan 1977 - 1985 mark Japanese manufacturers! After World war II, the color does not help date a Made... The inside it says hoto hoto Arts in English from Swarthmore College and a phoenix means fung shay a! Tue, Dec 16 about Made in Japan between 1946 and April 1952 are marked “ Nippon, the... During this era must have the official markings to be no significance in color size! Occupation period, most Japanese pieces from Japan are from the Showa period (..