These are now a staple in my house! Satisfy your cravings and enjoy these deliciously smart ketogenic snack bars. Genius Gourmet Keto Bars are the perfect go-to snack when you’re on the go.Easy Low-Carb Snacking With years of experience in the nutritional industry, our founders developed our keto-friendly bars to contain high-quality ingredients that take the worry out of munching. They melt in your mouth and are sweet but not too sweet! I especially like that I can enjoy one with a cup of coffee ☕ and because I use stevia in my coffee I can take a bite of the keto bar after taking a sip and the keto bar still tastes sweet. Genius Gourmet was founded with this problem in mind. Keto Bars Anytime, Anywhere Let’s face it, finding a healthy low carb snack that also tastes great can feel like an impossible task. Genius Gourmet Keto Protein Bar. Genius Gourmet Gluten Free Keto Protein Bar, Natural Chocolate Bar, Premium MCTs, Low Carb, Low Sugar (12 Count, Peanut Butter Chocolate) Average Rating: ( 5.0 ) stars out of 5 stars 3 ratings , based on 3 reviews They also contain quite a bit of protein, including MCTs, and 3g of fiber to help you stay full. Write a review | Ask a question Regular price $2.49 Flavor Chocolate Dream Creamy Peanut Butter Chocolate. I would eat this even if I wasn’t a diabetic. Genius Gourmet Keto Bar Review: Soft and fluffy with a rich chocolate flavor Jan 3rd, 2020 The Keto Bar is the first-ever snack from the keto-friendly brand Genius Gourmet , who just hit the market two months ago in November of last year. The problem is price. Sold Out A mouth-watering keto snack bar with flawless macros, made in chocolate or peanut butter flavors. Each of these bars contains 1g of sugar and only 3g of net carbs. Knocking out the competition with less than 1 gram of sugar, it’s the perfect low carb snack on the go. Low Carb, Keto; Low Sugar, Gluten Free; Genius Gourmet Keto Bars are the perfect on-the-go, low carb keto snack. I have loved eating the chocolate and chocolate peanut butter keto bars! ... We reviewed a few different options above, so head to our ranking session for a complete review of our top ten picks. Genius Gourmet is a keto-friendly, functional company that only just hit the market three months ago in November of last year with its high fat and moderate protein, Keto Bar.When the brand initially arrived, it mentioned the Keto Bar wouldn’t be its only snack, and now, it has gone and dropped its second, introducing Keto Snack Chips.. Refuel Your Body Genius Gourmet Keto Bar. Sweetened with erythritol and sucralose, Genius Gourmet Keto Bars have a creamy texture and are packed full of premium MCTs, protein, and healthy fats. Genius Gourmet was founded with this problem in mind. You really can’t tell it’s a Keto product. A 1 oz bag is $2.79 which comes out to about $40 per lb. Originally Genius Gourmet was all about keto-friendly functional food, launching with the delicious and rich Keto Bar, followed this year by Keto Snack Chips and the on-the-go Keto Shake.The brand has slowly dipped its toes into keto-type supplements with an unflavored collagen peptide powder and collagen combined with MCT oil in three different flavors. Product Reviews › Genius Gourmet Keto Bar Preview If you are following a Ketogenic Diet, or simply looking to cut sugar, but still looking for a sweet treat, look no further than the Genius Gourmet Keto Bar. Other bars on the market that are marketed as being low-carb and keto friendly can often spike blood sugar by up to 20-40 points for several hours. True to its name, Genius Gourmet’s Keto Bar packs a high amount of fat at 13g per bar, with slightly less protein at 10g, … One of our favorite things about the Perfect Keto Bar is how minimally it affects blood sugar levels. Genius Gourmet Keto Bars are the perfect go-to snack when you’re on the go.Easy Low-Carb Snacking * The flavor is great. Currently Genius Gourmet has just the one product under its name and on the market with a keto-friendly high protein snack simply called Keto Bar.