• Fun

    Fun music, levels to unlock, a dynamic interface, a little robot clowning around. Englishtracker was designed so that your learning will be a real pleasure.

  • Serious

    * Content designed by English teachers.
    * The equivalent of a beginner and intermediate grammar handbook.
    * Explanations translated into French, Spanish, Russian, English and Korean.

  • Innovative

    Artificial intelligence based on a reinforcement-learning algorithm that adapts to your knowledge and makes your learning experience quicker and more efficient.

  • No commitment

    If you're a beginner, the first 4 levels are free and will cover the most common mistakes. Try it out, have fun and only purchase the next levels if you like the game.

"Great! I was born abroad and even though I have a wide vocabulary, my knowledge of grammatical rules is very limited. Thank you. You are the best."
Comment from an American user on Appstore
"Congratulations! This is exactly the kind of exercise that helps us make progress. I want more!"
Comment from a Canadian user from the Appstore
"There's nothing else to be said: it's simple, easy to use, and fun."
Comment from a French user on the Appstore
You have to spot the mistake. If you get it wrong, you receive a clear explanation. It’s fun and easy to play.
An article on the blog of the British Council about the five most usefull free apps for learning English.
"We love the simple but well-made creation and above all a well thought out design."
SFR appliscope
"A well thought out system of progression, good explanations"

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